Peter Tchir’s Fixed Income Report Is the Modern Guide to the Most Important Market in the World -- the Bond Market

Peter Tchir provides ETF portfolio strategies for investors with conservative, moderate, and aggressive risk profiles.

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Peter Tchir, Master of the Bond Market

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With the advent of low-cost fixed income ETFs, investors have all new opportunities to generate income and capital gains throughout the fixed income spectrum.

Peter Tchir's experience in trading over $1 trillion in securities and advising major financial institutions on their investment strategies makes him the ideal guide to the bond market.

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The bond market offers opportunities to generate steady income -- along with capital gains -- through the use of highly efficient ETFs.

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Having traded over $1 trillion in fixed income securities throughout his career, Peter Tchir is uniquely equipped to deliver everything you need to know about the bond market.

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Peter Tchir is the founder of TF Market Advisors LLC, which provides independent research and portfolio management services to major financial institutions. Peter has traded over $1 trillion of fixed income products during his career, including complex structured transactions, bonds, loans, credit default swaps, and index products.

Peter was previously a portfolio manager at KLS Diversified Asset Management, a founding board member of the CDX suite of indices. He began and headed the credit derivatives index businesses at UBS, and then RBS. Peter started his career at Bankers Trust where he managed the high-yield credit derivatives business.

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Peter received his BS in mathematics and computer sciences from the University of Waterloo, and his MBA with distinction from Vanderbilt University.

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