Steve Smith is Crushing the Market in 2013 with a 29% Gain in His OptionSmith Portfolio

The OptionSmith portfolio has returned 160% since December 2009, more than doubling the performance of the S&P 500.

-Steve Smith, Veteran Options Trader

Actionable Options Strategies

Steve uses a wide variety of tools -- including butterfly spreads, iron condors, and plain old puts and calls -- to generate maximum returns with minimum risk.

Options allow traders to profit in all kinds of markets -- bull markets, bear markets, and markets that do nothing!

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Proven Performance

Steve has been crushing the market for years, and has never lost more than 3% in a month, even during financial crises like the fiscal cliff debacle and the EU debt meltdown.

You can be sure you'll be prepared for the next big bad event!

A Veteran Options Trader

With over 20 years of investment experience, Steve Smith has an expert level of options knowledge.

In OptionSmith, he puts it to work for you with a regular stream of trading ideas and market commentary.

OptionSmith subscribers get full access to Steve’s trading ideas, backed up by decades of real-world options experience. Steve consistently chooses the right tool for the job -- everything from butterfly spreads to iron condors to plain old puts and calls.

Steve’s exclusive report “Beyond Puts and Calls: 9 Steps to Profitable Options Trading”

Actionable trade ideas, with detailed analysis and rationale for Steve’s strategies

An ever-changing market requires ever-changing strategy -- especially in the complex world of options.

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