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The Daily Market Report

Before the start of every trading day, you’ll receive Jeff's trademark Daily Market Report, which contains his colorful, insightful views on the broader market action.

Intraday Updates

Intraday alerts, with specific trading suggestions, will help you capitalize on emerging opportunities as they come -- so you won’t ever miss a big trade.

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With his nightly update, Jeff provides a detailed plan to help set you up for the next day.

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The Daily Market Report
Jeff Cooper uses a variety of unique tools, including Gann Theory and the Square of 9 Wheel to predict market turns with stunning accuracy. His method of pattern analysis paired with cyclical analysis digs deep to anticipate the reasons behind market changes, so investors like you can capitalize on the effects. Find out for yourself by watching his latest video, in which he explains the Square of Nine Wheel.

Proprietary Setups
The Daily Market Report uses proprietary trading setups -- including the Soup Nazi Sell Signal and Holy Grail Setup -- to generate big returns.

Direct Access
Have a question? Subscribers receive total access to Jeff -- throughout the trading day, to answer any and all market-related inquiries.

Jeff’s Followers Agree -- It’s The Only Way to Trade:

"When I first began to read your posts I was skeptical of the number chart references. Now, more than a year later, I am convinced that you have insights that aren't always apparent to other chart watchers...especially me. So, thanks again. I need all the help I can get as a relative newbie in a difficult market, and I ALWAYS pay close attention to what you write.”
Gary W, in an email to Jeff Cooper

"Jeff Cooper is the best. I learn something every single day from his reports. He has saved me a bundle at those key critical potential tops. When I have ignored his work (never on purpose), I have come to regret it."
Toni S, loyal subscriber since 2008

"Jeff – I started following you when you wrote for Realmoney back in 1999-2003 (approximately). You made me a lot of money with your 2002 low "crouching tiger" pattern! When you showed up on Minyanville, I immediately became a subscriber. I really enjoy your column. Shows a good sense of humor in a very difficult profession.”
Thomas N, loyal follower since 1999


Follow along with Jeff Cooper as he puts his 30+ years of trading experience to work for you every day.

About Jeff:

Jeff Cooper began his trading career at Drexel Burnham in 1981. After a few years, he left to work for his father's private hedge fund. In 1986, Cooper went out on his own, choosing to trade exclusively for himself. After establishing a successful career as a private trader, he went on to write two best-selling books: Hit and Run Trading: The Short-Term Traders’ Bible and Hit and Run Trading 2: Capturing Explosive Short-Term Moves in Stocks, as well as his exclusive video series, Jeff Cooper on Dominating the Day Trading Market. Today, Jeff trades from his home in Malibu, California, and transmits his cutting-edge market commentary via his Daily Market Report to thousands of traders across the globe.

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